Hard Money Loans

Short-term collateral loans can save your house from foreclosure, get your borrower money that they need, or help investors close more deals. 

Direct Hard Money Lender

We are a private lender that offers hard money lending in the states of California and Texas. Providing fast financing for investors, brokers (their borrowers), realtors, and anyone in need of alternative lending solutions. Our guidelines are easy and straightforward and we can close within a week. 

Hard Money loan requirements, program highlights

What makes us different?

No Upfront Fees

No Junk Fees

Refinance, Cash Out, Purchase

What is hard money loan and why get it

Hard Money Loans are short-term, secured loans that use the property as collateral. We go a step beyond banks and offer alternative lending so that you can save your house, get more investment properties, get cash out and use it for your business or for whatever other purposes you need.

Saving yourself or your borrowers from a foreclosure, getting more investment properties, fixing your current property or getting cash out for your business. There are more instances when hard money can be useful, and we are sure that you know exactly why you are in need of a loan.

Like with any other loan there are always risks, so before getting a loan you need to find out what is the best loan option for you. We have both hard money and private loan options, and in case you want to go with a private loan instead of the hard money option, please visit this page.

Easily APPLY Online

Want to APPLY for a loan online?

Easy online application to guide you through the basic steps. We can pre-qualify your loan within 24 hours

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Bring us your borrowers and make more

Brokers, realtors, financial advisors, and anyone else who has a borrower with hard money funding needs are welcome to contact us. We are a fair lender and we take care of our referring partners. 

Why us?

Over 30 years in the real estate and lending industry. Experience and great work ethics are what puts us on top of our competitors. Our main goal is to close more files and develop a fruitful relationship with our borrowers, brokers, realtors, and investors. 

Easy Lending USA

Easy lending is a platform and a part of Commercial Prime Lending, LLC company that provides easy and fast funding. 

We have both west and east coast presence and we are a nationwide Gap Lender. 

CPL Lending

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