Gap Funding

No need to pull your mortgage money because you need some cash on hand, private loans (gap funding) is the way to go!

Private Money Lender

We are a nationwide private lender that provides gap funding for you or your borrowers, easy guidelines, fast pre-approval, and a great team. With over 30 years of experience, your lending needs are satisfied quickly. 

Gap funding requirements, program highlights

What makes us different?

No Upfront Fees

No Junk Fees

No Skin In The Game (Downpayment)

No Reserve Account Requrired

No Monthly Payments

No Appraisal Required

What is gap funding and why get it

Gap funding or a bridge financing is a short term loan that meets immediate financial needs of our borrowers. It’s mainly used to meet short term cash needs and investments. Business or personal needs that require immediate financing without having to refinance or do anything with your mortgage. 

After you prove to us that you are capable of obtaining a personal loan and will be able to pay it out, we never ask what the money is for. Money is yours to invest back in your business, personal life, or use as you want. 

Gap funding pre approval can take up to 24 hours when we have all the paperwork necessary. Closing of the loan depends on your ability to provide us the full documentation and then we can get your loan funded within a week.

How to apply

Easily apply by providing us with the information and any documentation you might have on hand. You can do so via the form, or via email. If you are not sure about the application process you can always give us a call

What's required for pre-approval:

  • 2 years of tax returns
  • A soft pull of your credit or any credit report in the last few months 
  • Verifiable income documentations

If you prefer sending an email to apply:

If you wish to call us before applying to discuss your scenario call us:

(818) 275-6599

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With us you are protected!

Bring us your clients and make more!

Brokers, realtors, financial advisors, and anyone else who has a borrower with gap funding needs are welcome to contact us. We are a fair lender and we take care of our referring partners. 

Why us?

Over 30 years in the real estate and lending industry. Experience and great work ethics are what puts us on top of our competitors. Our main goal is to close more files and develop a fruitful relationship with our borrowers, brokers, realtors, and investors. 

Easy Lending USA

Easy lending is a platform and a part of Commercial Prime Lending, LLC company that provides easy and fast funding. 

We have both west and east coast presence and we are a nationwide Gap Lender. 

CPL Lending

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